The temptations and motown records

The Temptations, one of the most influential Afro-American bands of the past half century, will be performing in Melbourne and Sydney in December. Y'all know I'm blind! But there's a big difference between a powerful Hollywood producer systematically intimidating and allegedly even raping young actresses and the youthful high jinks that went on at Motown, the singer says.

The temptations and motown records

Then the slogan came true. A former boxer and automobile worker, Berry Gordy was a nascent songwriter when, at the urging of Smokey Robinson, a songwriter ten years younger than Gordy, he decided to establish Motown Records. A year later, "Please Mr.

It would not be the last. Over the next decade, the sheer number of chart-topping artists, musicians, and groups produced by Motown defied comprehension: All became part of what would come to be known as the Motown Sound.

It is rumored that Gordy modeled his hit factory after the Detroit car assembly line that he knew so well: Make a good product, then make something similar, and make it quick.

In a neglected corner were the session musicians the Funk Brothers, who played on God knows how many hit songs. So what was the Motown Sound? Great melodies, lots of tambourines and hand clapping, blaring horns, interplay between the lead singer and his or her backup vocalists, driving bass lines and foot-slapping drum parts.

Nelson George writes, "Motown chief engineer Mike McClain built a miniscule, tinny-sounding radio designed to approximate the sound of a car radio.

The Temptations - Classic Motown

Throughout the Sixties, Motown produced a catalog of songs that cannot be rivaled. They were simple love songs that told simple stories, often in joyously happy or heartbreakingly sad ways. Gordy looked west, towards Los Angeles how could such a large entertainment company as his not be involved in movies and television?

Dissatisfied with the increasing disconnect between the success of their work and the level of their pay, Holland-Dozier-Holland broke off from Motown. Inthough, the label released what is arguably its grandest artistic statement, something not at all of a piece with its previous, poppy output.

The temptations and motown records

A year later, Motown deserted Detroit for L. It was arguably the last great burst of Motown creativity. ByGordy had had enough; he sold the company to MCA, which in turn sold it to Polygram, which in turn was bought by Universal.

Really, though, who cares who owns it now? Just pop on one of those numerous greatest hits albums in your collection or, ok, fine, The Big Chill soundtrack and recall the glory of Motown.Bad, Bad Weather (Till You Come Home) Nov Motown: Diana Ross and The Supremes and The Temptations: I'm Going To Make You Love Me.

Motown, of course, stands for more than just the historic music. The label and its remarkable legacy is a reflection of the hard work of dedicated individuals overcoming incredible obstacles to . Bad, Bad Weather (Till You Come Home) Nov Motown: Diana Ross and The Supremes and The Temptations: I'm Going To Make You Love Me.

Motown Records is an American record label owned by Universal Music Group. The Temptations left for Atlantic Records in , but returned in and eventually left again in As of , Wonder is the only artist from Motown's early period still on the label.

motown records in detroit, usa was the home of the four tops, the supremes, martha & the vandellas, marvin gaye, the temptations, stevie wonder, smokey robinson & the miracles and others. Gordy's contribution to world culture became the subject of Motown: The Musical, so don't be surprised if Williams pulls off his long-held ambition to get a Temptin' Temptations musical up and.

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