The social status of filipino children who watch cartoons

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The social status of filipino children who watch cartoons

History[ edit ] The Jordanian protests began in the wake of unrest in Tunisia and Egypt. Starting in Januaryseveral thousand Jordanians staged weekly demonstrations and marches in Amman the capital and other cities to protest government corruption, rising prices, poverty, and high unemployment.

The king told the new prime minister to "take quick, concrete, and practical steps to launch a genuine political reform process," "to strengthen democracy," and to provide Jordanians with the "dignified life they deserve.

The constitution concentrates executive and legislative authority in the king. Jordan has a bicameral legislaturethe National Assembly, consisting of an upper house, the Assembly of Senatorsappointed by the king and an elected lower house, the Chamber of Deputies. The members of both houses hold office for four-year terms.

There are 60 seats in the Senate and in the Chamber of Deputies.

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In the Chamber of Deputies 12 seats are reserved for women, 9 seats for Christian candidates, 9 for Bedouin candidates, and 3 for Jordanians of Chechen or Circassian descent.

The king may dissolve the National Assembly, forcing new elections. King Abdullah did that on 24 Novemberand the government ruled by decree through most ofuntil new elections were held in November.

The social status of filipino children who watch cartoons

Parliamentary elections have been deemed credible by international observers. The king signs and executes all laws, but his veto power can be overridden by two-thirds vote of the National Assembly. The judicial branch is completely independent.

Security forces report to civilian authorities. The king appoints and dismisses the prime minister, cabinet, the Assembly of Senators, and judges, may dissolve parliament, commands the military, and directs major public policy initiatives.

The cabinet, based on the prime minister's recommendation, appoints the mayors of Amman, Wadi Musa Petraand Aqaba, a special economic zone. The mayors of the other 93 municipalities are elected.

The government licenses political parties and other associations and prohibits membership in unlicensed political parties. There are over 50 licensed political parties, but only a few have a substantial impact at the national level. Jordan ranked sixth among the 19 countries in the Middle East and North Africa region, and 50th out of countries worldwide in the Corruption Perceptions Index CPI issued by Transparency Internationalwhere 1st is the least corrupt.

Jordan's score was 37 on a scale from 0 most free to least free. In practice citizens are generally able to criticize the government, although they reportedly exercise caution in regard to the king, the royal family, the General Intelligence Directorate GIDand other sensitive topics such as religion.

Authorities monitor and censor printing presses and edit articles deemed offensive before they can be printed.

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Journalists claim the government uses informants in newsrooms and that GID officials monitor reporting. Editors reportedly receive telephone calls from security officials instructing them how to cover events or to refrain from covering certain topics or events.

Government officials also reportedly bribe journalists to influence their reporting. Media observers note that when covering controversial subjects, government-owned Jordan Radio and Television and Jordan News Agency reported only the government's position.

According to a Center for Defending the Freedom of Journalists survey, 95 percent of journalists polled exercised self-censorship.

The survey also reported that 70 percent of journalists thought the government used "soft containment", such as financial support, scholarships for relatives, and special invitations, to control the media at a medium to high degree.

Ninety-four percent said they avoid writing about or broadcasting military matters, and 83 percent said they avoid discussing religious topics.

For example, a State Security Court attorney general prohibited the press from reporting or commenting on the case of the Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company expansion project without his personal approval, purportedly to allow the judicial authorities to work "calmly" on the case. The state of press freedom in Jordan is very fickle, at one point Jordan had one of the most vocal media in the Arab World, but a series of laws passed by Parliament greatly restricted press freedom.Aug 11,  · -- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at Make your own animated videos and animated presentations for .

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The social status of filipino children who watch cartoons

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