Scheme of work unit 3

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Scheme of work unit 3

The aim is to allow accredited learning to take place that is both open and flexible. Students can choose to study an Award, Certificate or Diploma, these are all outlined in the Qualification Structure, which you can obtain from the websites listed below. The course includes use of cameras and related accessories, studio and portable lighting, location photography, image capture and the portfolio presentation of images, from a variety of subjects either on the website or in printed portfolio format.

S criteria gender, race, age, disability, ethnicity, sexuality. The teaching and learning styles that are employed in this scheme reflect the needs of the students. All students have to produce a website with all the normal support structure available at all times, also they are able to work in supporting sketchbooks.

It has to be noted that the majority of this course involves adult learners and the ECM framework applies to a lower age group.

There are occasions where younger learners do attend and so the scheme reflects that accommodation of differentiation and the ECM criteria. The safeguarding of students is of paramount importance to allow optimum achievement whilst on this course and all students are lanyard checked at the beginning of each session.

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The learner is the main focus within the framework of this scheme and all attendance is taken using an online Celcat system. From this site there is a direct RSS feed to all of the students who are also working on the same website system. This allows for global messaging visuals and videos to be sent to all students websites to allow connectivity and transparency of what is happening at all times within the course.

The traditional lesson plans are now active entries which are automatically archived for reference and reflective practice. In this way each lesson can be reviewed by myself and the students allowing them to see at all times what past, present and future lessons will be.

This allows for a broad response from the students which can inform and direct improvements and faults within the course via a student voice feedback section on the student support website. I can update and respond quicker and adapt to changes better with all this information being online and transparent.

Also the latest developments are taking place with the IT and Moodle 2 system with the embedding within the Tutor Website of direct links to this resource and also within each student website. This is so all the students have direct access to all of their resources right in front of them at all times.

I have also obtained permission to use the college logo which has been approved to go onto each of my Tutor Support Websites. Moodle 2 is being updated with fresh material as well including a week by week lesson plan and this scheme.

Other supporting information is being added on a rolling program of development.


All students are linked to each other and the Tutor Support Website via a Following link as per social networking. This fosters peer feedback which is evidenced alongside tutor feedback.

Self tracking of grades is done via an automated labeling stack which displays all blog entries next to the criteria being aimed for.

This allows transparency of where they are within the course, and what needs more attention, and what they have sufficient value of. Ultimately this allows for high levels of high grades to consistently happen as it allows for efficient time management to happen naturally.

Scheme of work unit 3

It also allows this scheme to have clear objectives which are S. In this way students know what the lesson is before they even turn up and can prepare accordingly.

This allows this to act as outlining the aims and objectives on a global level and not written on classroom boards or screens only.Mark Scheme for tutor Students will attempt Test in the 45 minutes allowed 45 Minute test under normal.

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PE Resources Bank © Week Learning objectives Task examples Information/ Differentiation 1 All lessons start with Introduce the grip and ready position. As you work through this unit, these will need to be the focus for development. Task 2: Defining the focus of a unit according to style, genre or tradition (20 minutes) Take an existing unit from within your Key Stage 3 scheme of work. claireb53 Apr 24 AM. Hi i am starting a new unit HSC level 3 Nutrition for health and social care (unit 21) and i cannot find any resources online, nor do I have any textbooks.

AIM: Pupils will focus on developing team attacking and defending strategies and techniques. Pupils will select and apply their skills so that Pupils will select and apply their skills so that they can carry out tactics with intent to outwit the opposition.

The Speekee® Spanish Scheme of Work requires a suitable internet connection and computer equipment. If you are not sure then please contact us to try .

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