Riordan manufacturing case study

Riordan Manufacturing In this day and age, companies are working towards using business systems to effectively manage all areas of the company. Where in the past paper and pen were used and papers were dropped in mailboxes, now information is entered into systems electronically and accessed the same way. This paper will discuss a proposal for Riordan Manufacturing to move to a computerized system at all locations so that systems will run more smoothly all around and so that upper management can easily manage all aspects of the company at each of its locations.

Riordan manufacturing case study

The company is headquartered in San Jose, California, and has facilities worldwide. Mission The mission of Riordan Manufacturing is to ensure that it remains an industry leader in the plastic manufacturing business and provides solutions to the existing customer base while expanding.

The company will achieve this by leveraging technology and innovation to maintain and achieve profitability. Over time, it has extended capabilities overseas and has plants in Georgia, Michigan and China. Essentially, the object of Six-Sigma is to streamline operations and perfect processes.

Overall, it is a data centric management system that helps it eliminate defects in the production of a product or service.

According to Six-Sigma, any manufacturing process cannot or should not product more than one defect per 3. Public Perception And Relations In the past, Riordan has done a great job of managing its company perception and public relations.

In fact, many schools use Riordan Manufacturing as a company to study for management case studies.

Process Design for Riordan Manufacturing | Case Study Template

In addition, Riordan is also often cited for its use of Six Sigma. Riordan needs to continue to be wary of public perception of its company. This was a very important move for Roth because Fralo possesses the biggest blow-mold machine in the world.

This newly acquired infrastructure allows Roth to expand its operations to on-site waste management. As this external pressures continues to build, it is imperative that Riordan Manufacturing continues to stay ahead of the curve in regards to developing technology.

Moreover, the organization needs to keep doing a good job of promoting an innovation friendly culture.

Riordan manufacturing case study

It is very important that this be done in a timely and cost-effective manner.Riordan founded Riordan Manufacturing after obtaining several patents from processing polymers into high tensile strength plastics substrates. Two years later Riordan Manufacturing expanded into the production of drink containers at the company's first plant in Albany, GA.

The development of this. Riordan Manufacturing is an industry leader in plastic injection molding with plants in Georgia, Michigan and now China.

With the company's expansion into a global market, the electronic commerce (e-business) will be a beneficial form of commerce that is currently . Riordan Manufacturing This paper takes a good look at the situation, opportunities and challenging issues that are facing Riordan Manufacturing Company.

Through analyzing the situations, opportunities, and challenges the true problem with Riordan's human capital is realized. The end-state goals will direct Riordan Manufacturing to improve human resource practices, which will give Riordan a. Riordan Manufacturing is faced with an interesting but not uncommon occurrence among larger businesses.

Riordan manufacturing case study

Riordan is faced with a motivation and production problem in a growing, global organization. Employee motivation is an issue that does not discriminate as Organizations of all sizes wrestle with it.

Riordan Manufacturing was founded by Dr. Riordan, a professor of chemistry who obtained several patents qualified to processing polymers into high tensile potency plastic substrates. Riordan Manufacturing is a worldwide plastics manufacturer. The company employs . Read Riordan Manufacturing Company Case Study free essay and over 89, other research documents.

Riordan Manufacturing Company Case Study. Identifying Required Process Changes CIS Computers Information and Systems University of Phoenix Executive Summary Riordan Manufacturing is a.

Riordan Manufacturing Case Study