Pow 13 shuttling around

These surviving men were finally recognized by Congress and received the Gold Medal of Honor as a group on June 28, July 14, is the 70th anniversary of the explosion; ceremonies will pay respect to the fallen seaman and civilians. Here is another story of unsung African American soldiers

Pow 13 shuttling around

All the children got on extremely well and had a wonderful time. Vered Ron, who was working in Jerusalem, joined us for a short time. The zoo is large, well-organized and has many interesting animals. There are more pictures on the activities pageand on the pages of AmitIlai and Zoe.

We enjoyed seeing them and the time we spent together was most enjoyable. Yesterday we celebrated the wedding of Ellen Grishman and Andres Bokser. Ellen is a school friend of Vered from the time we were in St Thomas and has been living in Jerusalem for many years.

She and Vered keep contact and meet regularly. We were happy to see the father of the bride, Sandy Grishman, whom we have not seen for many years.


Unfortunately Marilyn, the mother of the bride, fell and broke her hip the day Pow 13 shuttling around the wedding and, after flying thousands of miles, could not attend the wedding.

Click here for pictures. Doreen leaves tomorrow, guiding USA visitors on a two week tour. We celebrated the Segoli visit to Israel with a family reunion at the desert resort of Ein Gedi. And we also welcomed Zoe to the family.

We climbed Massada, went on a tour of the Dead Sea Salt Works, hiked in Nahal David, and most important of all had a great time together. December 14, Eight Wedding Anniversaries in December The seven couples apart from Doreen and me in the collage above are all Doreen's or my first cousins or the children of first cousins.

Clockwise from top left: Mazltov also to new grandparents Cecille and Raymond Cotton and to great-grandmother Winnie Levy and all the family. The Segolis arrived yesterday after a long flight from Australia. They will be in Israel for about 3 weeks, visiting family and friends and attending the wedding of Mikhal's sister, Ofra Ofi Segoli.

Plans for seeing them and a family get-together had to be changed due to the weather conditions. The weather in Israel in the last few days has been extreme. There have been - and still are at the time of writing - heavy rains and winds and even snow storms in the north and in Jerusalem.

Pow 13 shuttling around

Jerusalem has been cut off for the last 3 days. Yael and Avram Segoli, Mikhal's parents, live near Jerusalem asnd all roads to and from them are closed.

Doreen and the group she is guiding have been hard hit by the storms. The last few days of the tour were planned for Jerusalem, one of the highlights of the tour, but they have been unable to get there.UPDATED 25 February RETURN OF THE "STEALTH" GLIDER.

Fortress Eban Emael. This impregnable fortress blocks Germany from driving through Belgium like it did in World War I.

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Formed of huge gun positions with massive thick concrete walls. In fact Fryett was the first American Prisoner of War, followed by the four Green Berets captured at An Chau Gabriel, Marchand, Groom and Quinn. Now, over thirty years later, George Fryett is active in Vietnam veteran affairs and has been for the last decade.

Dec 04,  · Math help please?!?!? This is from my math book, POW (Problem of the Week) #6: Shuttling Around Basically, we have a puzzle with three plain markers on the left, and three shaded markers on the right, with one empty square in the vetconnexx.com: Resolved.

The announced purpose was a surprise visit to a POW camp where it was believed U.S. personnel were being held.

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Gas was going to be put in and we and the troops were issued the masks. was the XO. Major Sauer had taken the command from MAJ Orlie J. Underwood just 13 days prior to the 19th (July 6th). He turned the bus around and they all. 7/13/ Well hey there, It’s been a crazy summer, and we’re just getting warmed up!

After a wonderful weekend of North American Enduro Cup action we decided to buy an excavator, shoot off some fireworks, and let a couple hundred people shoot bows on top of the mountain at the Top Pin Archery 3D Shoot.

Now we’re gearing up for the NWCup, enjoying some farm to table dinners with your new. Jan 29,  · If you originally thought that Red Ball Express drivers were affable Negros, mindlessly shuttling around a military base, you are incorrect. Now some may think that being a driver in the war is not glorious, but these drivers took their work seriously.

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