Namaste essay

There is a new era of technological innovation sweeping the world, which has spawned a new medium - the Internet's world wide web, a very powerful communications network and learning environment. The Internet should not be seen as just a new way to disseminating or repackage the Buddha's teachings but potentially as a base for an innovative online dharma community - a Cyber Sangha, that offers alternative social and spiritual values.

Namaste essay

The Best Textbooks for Most Students 1. The tests are pretty good — the only better source of practice tests is in the Official Tests Collection link below. Just note that the first integrated writing question about altruism is somewhat outdated.

There is nothing revolutionary in this book, but I do recommend it Namaste essay students who are just beginning to study for the TOEFL. Many students find that this is the only book they need. It also contains a somewhat useful grammar guide. Amazon sells an electronic version of this guide.

Many students find these sections most difficult to study for.


This short book details exactly what should go into a good essay and speaking answer without wasting too much space on unnecessary explanations and descriptions of the test. It assumes that you know about the test already and concentrates on giving you the strategies you will need to deliver solid answers.

The Best Textbooks for Advanced Students 1. This book contains page after page of practice exercises and study tips.

It could help you squeeze a few more points out of your current ability level! The book also includes four practice tests, which are completed on paper with the necessary audio provided via CD.

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It is perfect for students who are very confident about their overall English ability and want to focus on specific strategies and techniques for mastering the TOEFL. It contains one full-length practice test. The Best Textbooks for Practice Tests 1. This book contains five actual tests administered in the past by ETS.

Amazon sells it in a bundle with the Official Guide above which I highly recommend. Our service has been used by hundreds of students and it really works! is THE voice of the Independent Publishing industry.

Namaste essay

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Namaste essay

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Welcome, Sat Sri Akal, Namaste, Assalaamu a Lekum, Vanakum, Jambo Namaskara! After your test, share your IELTS results and experiences to inspire others 🙂 Post your IELTS test results. Post your results in the comments box below.

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