My advanced english class

Wednesday, January 6, Word formation:

My advanced english class

An effective warmer could make the difference between an alert and participating class, and a group of zombies who decide to catch up on the sleep they missed out on from partying the night before… This comes from my experience of teaching teenagers on the holiday island of Malta!

First I make sure the class know the difference between true and false, and can give me some examples of true and false statements. I then ask the class to write three interesting sentences about themselves on a new sheet of paper. Two sentences must be true and one must be false.

When they have finished writing their sentences, I ask the class to stand up and move the desks out the way so that they can mingle. They must then guess which is the false statement.

My advanced english class

Once both students have attempted a guess, they move on to another person in the class and repeat this process. It gives them an opportunity to introduce themselves, say what country they are from, and share some interesting information about themselves.

True / False Where To From Here? Students were bright, engaging, and participated enthusiastically.
Mystery Theater In selecting which to teach, I like to look for the most common ones — utilitarian phrases like get in touch with and keep track of that we use on a daily basis.

I always participate in this warmer so that the students feel that they know something about the teacher too. You can follow this activity by discussing which sentences were the most original and which was the most interesting topic that was brought up.

My English class: The verbs of the senses

Guess the Famous Person The following warm up works well to lead into a topic on celebrity or fame and fortune. This exercise will require pictures of famous and recognisable celebrities one for each student.

Make the students stand in a line with their backs to you and stick a picture on their backs with some sticky tape. The aim of this warmer is to ask people questions about their celebrity and help others find out about theirs. The students will need to keep circling round, looking at the pictures on each others backs and helping out until everyone has found out who their mystery celebrity is.

Where in the world? This warmer works really well with an international group of students as they will be able to contribute more varied information and will spark discussion amongst themselves. Before students arrive I place a piece of paper with a name of a continent on each table.

My advanced english class

When the students arrive I let them deliberate and wonder about the continent. I then put the following headings up on the board: This leads into some good discussion about differences between countries, and stereotypes about countries within them. These warmers should get the students to participate and lead in nicely from a previous lesson or into the coming one.I-CAR offers a variety of educational and training recognition programs for the collision repair industry.

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Feb 11,  · 5 of My Favorite English Games for ESL Students. Updated on November 17, TheWatchman. more. Great for intermediate/advanced classes. To Play the Game, You'll Need a List of Deep Questions.

My Favourite EFL Classroom Warmers -

I teach Oral English at a university in China. My students are slightly past beginners but not yet intermediate. Today I implemented the Reviews: advanced 6 PART 4 - Overall competencies: Successfully read and write texts and participate in conversations about management duties, responsibilities and ethics.

The most crucial step towards learning any language is LISTENING. True, it's a "spoken" English class but your students will thrive only when they learn to listen carefully.

Mind you, hearing and listening are two different things. We all hear man. Below are 20 common English mistakes that advanced students make. Correct the errors in each sentence and then see the answers and explanations below. For more advanced grammar, see this advanced English grammar test.

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