Integrated brand communication

The IMC Approach Integrating for maximising value The formulaic solutions from another era turn out to be as useful as a blunt axe in the face of communication clutter, constant change and the cut-throat competition. An IMC approach gives your business a sharp edge that cuts through this intense competition. Integrated Marketing Communication is about recognising what works best for you to connect with your customer. Traditional or new media platforms or a good combination of both, we chalk out how you engage with your customer.

Integrated brand communication

Advertising, public relations, promotion, branding, direct marketing, and other low- and high-technology tools are integrated to effectively listen to and communicate with the target audience.

Successful IMC plans are built on a holistic view of the target consumer, with an understanding of how they think, make decisions, and act.

Integrated brand communication

IMC is not a marketing plan. An IMC plan is the portion of the marketing plan that involves all promotional aspects of the marketing plan. Integrated Marketing Communications IMC is the term used to describe the entire program by which you communicate with your customers.

In its simplest formIMC can be defined as the management process of integrating all marketing communication activities across relevant audience points to achieve brand coherence.

IMC is also referred to as a modern way of enhancing increase in product sales, 1 awareness and exposure.

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It is simply a modern way of promoting a product or brand in a less cluttered way like advertising. Types of integrated marketing communication There are four basic types of integrated marketing communication: By taking these different elements together to form a marketing strategy, an organization is able to achieve their goals in an efficient manner.

External External marketing integration takes place when a company deals with outside sources. When developing a product or a service, keeping the lines of communication open other people that are going to use to get a message out to the world is important.

Internal Internal marketing integration means that an organization strives to keep its employees excited about any new developments that the company is involved in.

Naturally, when introducing a new product, the workers reveal details prematurely, but by generating excitement among your own people, that excitement gets transmitted to others outside the company.

In every company, there must be communication existent in-between various departments of the organization. By making sure that the lines of communication stay open, such company will begin to flow more smoothly than if certain groups are kept out of the loop.

Vertical Focusing on vertical integration, the product or service that is being worked on will fit in with the corporate policy and structure of the company.

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Data Integration Data integration means making use of these different types of IMC in order to develop a product. Therefore, when presenting a product to customers all the information needed will be available.

By engaging in advertising, and through the judicious use of public relations, a company will be able to apply sales tools to create a successful product campaign. IMC creates a competitive advantage for companies looking to boost their sales and profits.

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This is especially useful for small or medium sized firms that have limited people resources and marketing budgets. IMC wraps communications around customers and helps them move through the various stages of the buying process.

Integrated brand communication

The organization simultaneously consolidates its image, develops a dialogue, and nurtures its relationship with customers throughout the exchange. IMC can be instrumental to creating a seamless purchasing experience that spurs customers to become loyal, lifelong customers.The MSU Brand In fall , Montana State University finalized a new strategic plan that sets overarching goals for the university.

The plan relies on every member of the MSU community—students, faculty, staff, alumni and our community partners—to contribute to its success.

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