Hunt for seasonal workers

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Hunt for seasonal workers

The claim is made that the system lowers the wages of workers and encourages casual work. Labour Minister Membathisi Mdladlana first made the call when he was campaigning in Langa in December last year.

Mdladlana told residents that the ANC plans to ban labour brokers after the next election. According to a report in the Sowetan, Mdladlana told a small group of residents that a vote for the ANC would mean that ban would be implemented after the next election.

There was strong support for the call by labour federation Cosatu.

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The broker then pockets the difference as his or her profit. Would these jobs really fall away, or would the clients have to employ the workers directly?

Are workers better off with labour brokers who can provide them with UIF, training opportunities and work experience. Like many industries there are big differences between the top and the bottom.

The Hunt for Seasonal Workers Crosses Borders Looking for seasonal working can be a challenge. Seasonal workers are a great resource for a company that needs to increase their workforce during peak seasons of the year. The job sought is usually only available as a temporary or "seasonal" job. Susan has been editor and publisher of Follow Susan on Twitter at The Advantages and Disadvantages of Temping; Finding Part-Time or Seasonal Jobs in . Get the National news, top Canadian stories, photos & videos. Read the latest headlines and breaking news & happening across Canada.

The larger brokers, or temporary employment services TES as they prefer to be called, keep things above board. This is what business wants, and exactly what government and unions are trying to avoid. The federation also warmly welcomes the banning of labour broking by the government of Namibia.

Labour broking is a form of human trafficking. It is an extreme form of free-market capitalism which reduces workers to commodities that can be traded for profit, just as if they were meat or vegetables. Labour brokers are also basically anti-trade union.

We look forward to seeing the next ANC government finally bring an end to labour broking and all other forms of casualisation. All workers must have one clearly identifiable employer who is legally responsible for ensuring that they all receive all the benefits and protection they are entitled to under our constitution and labour laws, including the right to join and remain a member of a trade union.

Patrick Craven National Spokesperson Labour-broker employees have rights. But everyone concerned needs to know and understand their rights and obligations, as employees of labour brokers are still employees and have rights.


He had been employed by a labour broker for a period of just over 10 years, during which time he was seconded to work as a merchandiser for Sasko at various stores, merchandising bread. He was employed on a temporary contract which had no specific end date. The labour broker was given notice by Sasko that its contract was to be terminated and, in turn, it advised all its employees accordingly.

Moremi received a number of notices from the labour broker his employernone of which mentioned severance pay or referred to alternative employment. He subsequently found alternative employment, but pursued a claim for severance pay.Hunt for Seasonal Workers Essay.

This paper will talk about how work shortages have force companies to seek help outside America by tapping into the global market for employees via the Internet, and technology that has been made available to businesses in this country and worldwide, borders that have stood in the way are coming down and making it easier to fill the need in times of labor.

Hunt for Holiday Workers Heats Up, Giving Wages a Boost Retailers, delivery firms and logistics companies plan to step up recruiting, hire earlier.

Hunt for seasonal workers

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Read the latest headlines and breaking news & happening across Canada. Retailers nationwide will try to hire an estimated , seasonal workers for the holiday season, National Retail Federation President and CEO Matthew Shay said during a news conference.

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