Hmbs flamingo

The Flamingo Incident was a nation building exercise which legitimized the need for a Defence Force in the minds of Bahamians at last.

Hmbs flamingo

Cuba still has not apologized for attacking a Bahamian patrol boat and killing your young Bahamian marines nine days ago. Havana maintains that it mistook Her Majesty's Bahamian Ship HMBS Flamingo for a pirate vessel and has expressed deep regret at sinking it in a savage air strike off its northeast coast.

But Cuba's regrets have not mollfied outraged Bahamians, who find it hard to accept that the feet Flamingo was rocketed, strafed, Hmbs flamingo sunk by mistake. The notion that the Cuban fighter pilots could have mistaken what was very obviously a Bahamian patrol boat for a pirate vessel is regarded as patently absurd here.

Not only was the Flamingo of typically naval design and painted in naval graybut also it bore the designation "PO2" on its hull and was, at the time of the attack, flying two Bahamian flags.

Could you pass a US citizenship test? The Bahamas government is seeking a formal and unconditional apology from Cuba; a guarantee that its territorial integrity will be respected to the future; and compensation for Hmbs flamingo of the Flamingo and its four marines.

Reestablishment of good relations between Nassau and Havana, says Mr. Adderley, "depends entirely on the Cubans. Adderley is wary of predicting that the required apology will be forthcoming. Last week a Cuban Navy defector reportedly told US authorities in Miami that Cuba's action against the Flamingo could perhaps be explained by the proximity of two Soviet submarine bases to the spot where the incident took place.

Informed sources here contend that the Soviet Union "overbuilt" a fishing port on Cuba's northeast coast and that the additional facilities are, indeed, used by Soviet submarines. But intelligence circles in Washington insist there is no evidence that Moscow maintains submarine bases on the section of coastline in question.

Such explanations do not ease the anger of Bahamians, however.

Hmbs flamingo

When a Cuban delegation headed by Pelegrin Torras, vice-minister of foreign affairs, returned here Thursday for a second meeting on the incident wioth Mr. Adderley, it was compelled to run the gauntlet of an incensed crowd at Nassau's international airport. Brandishing handwritten slogans such as "Murdering Cuban pigs!

The two boats fled on sighting the Flamingo, which gave chase, arresting them for illegally fishing. Cuban aircraft soon appeared overhead, presumably in answer to a distress call from one of the fishing boats, and approximately 55 minutes later two or three MIG- 21s swooped out of the sky, fired warning shots across the Flamingo's bows, then blasted it with rockets.

The crew leapt clear of the sinking Flamingo, but the Soviet-built aircraft returned and machine-gunned them as they swam.


Four men sank beneath the waves. The survivors boarded the Ferrocem and made their way to Ragged Island, taking with them the eight Cuban fishermen they had detained earlier. Aboard the rusty vessel, the Bahamian marined found a considerable quantity of snappersgroupers, and jacks, 30 crawfish traps and canned food from the Soviet Union.

The seven-man Cuban delegation that flew into Nassau last week continues to maintain that Cuba's MIGs had been scrambled to attack what was thought to be a pirate ship bent on kidnapping the crew of the two fishing boats.

Adderley suggests the fishing boats radioed for help to avoid being taken into custody -- and, in the case of the Ferrocem 54, to avoid a second brush with the Royal Bahamian Defense Force.

The Cuban Communist Party newspaper Granma, which serves as a mouthpiece for Havana, has clainmed that the Flamingo brought on its own destruction by criminally attacking the two Cuban fishing boats in international waters.May 11,  · FAMILY members and friends of the four Bahamian Marines killed in action 36 years ago during the sinking of HMBS Flamingo joined officers and .

Hmbs flamingo

It was the day when Cuban jets viciously and mercilessly attacked the HMBS Flamingo in Bahamian waters after the crew of two Cuban fishing vessels was apprehended for poaching.

It was the day he nearly lost his life. The Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) is the navy of The Bahamas. Since The Bahamas does not have an army or an air force, On 10 May , the HMBS Flamingo attempted to arrest two Cuban fishing vessels, the Ferrocem and the Ferrocem 54, for poaching in Bahamian vetconnexx.comder-in-Chief: Queen Elizabeth II.

Parliament Square is a recognizable site in the Bahamas. The square is bordered by distinctive pink-and-white buildings, housing the key branches of Bahamian government. Admire the buildings’ Georgian neoclassical architecture and experience a cultural side of this beautiful island.

10th May HMBS Flamingo Sinking Remembered. The Foreign Ministers of the Caricom region in their annual meeting being held in Kingstown in St Vincent and the Grenadines took note of the anniversary of the sinking of the HMBS Flamingo on 10 May The Bahamas (/ b ə ˈ h ɑː m ə z / (listen)), known officially as the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, is an archipelagic state within the Lucayan consists of more than islands, cays, and islets in the Atlantic Ocean, and is located north of Cuba and Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic), northwest of the Turks and Caicos Islands, southeast of the United States.

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