Government secret projects

Government has been caught conducting an insane amount of vile, inhumane and grisly experiments on humans without their consent and often without their knowledge. So in light of recent news of the U. Get ready to become one of those conspiracy theory nuts, because after this list, you will never fully trust your government again. Donald Ewen Cameron for Subproject 68, which would be experiments involving mind-altering substances.

Government secret projects

Television antennae, radio antennae, power lines, mattress spring coils, modulation on Hz wiring.

Government secret projects

Puthoff - served at the NSA in the early s during his tour with the Navy not the Army as McRae reported and later stayed on as a civillian. Joined SRI in as a specialist in laser physics. Served as an officer in the Navy from at Ft.

Studied the effects of LSD and mescaline from to In latethe foundation released The Psychedelic Experience: A New Concept in Psychotherapy. Murphy and Price had been running seminars at the resort beginning in with speakers gathered through an expanding network of contacts, beginning with Alan Watts, Aldous HuxleyGregory BatesonGerald Heard, and others.

A History Of US Secret Human Experimentation

These tests seriously disturbed the lower Van Allen Belt, substantially altering its shape and intensity. Particles from the Belt will be transported to the atmosphere. The explosion in the inner radiation belt will create an artificial dome of polar light that will be visible from Los Angeles" K.

At the same time, large quantities of ionizing radiation will be released, further ionizing the gaseous components of the atmosphere at this height. This Government secret projects effect is strengthened by the radiation from the fission products As a result of the explosion, this field will be locally destroyed while countless new electrons will be introduced into the lower belt" K.

NASA announced that as a consequence of the high altitude nuclear test of July 9, a new radiation belt had been formed, stretching from a height of about km to km; it can be seen as a temporary extension of the lower Van Allen Belt" K. As explained in the Encyclopedia Britannica: According to the Encyclopedia, the electron fluxes in the lower Van Allen Belt have changed markedly since the high-altitude nuclear explosions by the US and USSR - never returning to their former state.

According to American scientists, it could take many hundreds of years for the Van Allen Belts to destabilize at their normal levels. The man who was in charge of this project said, "the potential for exerting a degree of control on human behavior by low level microwave radiation seems to exist" and he urged that the effects of microwaves be studied for "possible weapons applications".

A Little Known Health Hazard.

5 Projects You Won't Believe the US Government Is Working On

A new means of control? Research from Woody Blue. InKoslov - then a physicist at the Advanced Research Projects Agency ARPA - suggested to Charles Weiss head of security at the State Department that a "a sober and systematic program of research" look into the "Moscow Signal", which was caused by microwave radiation being beamed into the Moscow American Embassy.

Described as a modulated electron gun X-ray nuclear booster, it could be adapted to communications, remote control and guidance systems, EM radiation telemetry, and death ray. Research by Harlan Girard. The men are later studied for development of cancer which indicates that Agent Orange had been a suspected carcinogen all along.

Army dispenses Bacillus subtilis variant niger throughout the New York City subway system. More than a million civilians are exposed when Army scientists drop lightbulbs filled with the bacteria onto ventilation grates. In FebruaryBackster recorded what he believes to be emotional reactions in plants with a polygraph machine.

Called the "Backster Effect", the validity of this phenomena is still debated. MacDonald - science advisor to President Lyndon Johnson - wrote, "Perturbation of the environment can produce changes in behavioral patterns. At that time, the project cost was 2-to-3 times larger than the whole Department of Energy budget and the projected cost of the electricity was well above the cost of most conventional energy sources.

The rectenna sites on Earth were expected to take up to square kilometers of land and would preclude habitation by any humans, animals, or even vegetation. Each Satellite was to be the size of Manhattan Island.Spread the love The following is the alleged result of the actions of one or more scientists creating a covert, unauthorized notebook documenting their involvement with an Above Top Secret government program.

Government publications and information obtained by the use of public tax monies cannot be subject to copyright. This document is released .

Government and military secrets can range from terrifying to amusing to downright absurd, but most are nothing short of intriguing.

From a secret U.S. Air Force project to build a supersonic. The Black Vault Exposing government secrets one page at a time. Where do you want to go? Case Files UFOs & The Unknown Declassified Documents 2,, Pages Online Message Forums.

The mad inventor from the James Bond movies, Q, is real. Only there are lots of him, and they have a lot more money at their disposal.

In the real world, they're called DARPA -- . The Aurora Project. Government Secret Projects; The Aircraft's Origins; The Government Responds.

10 Secret US Military Intelligence Projects - Listverse The following is the alleged result of the actions of one or more scientists creating a covert, unauthorized notebook documenting their involvement with an Above Top Secret government program. Government publications and information obtained by the use of public tax monies cannot be subject to copyright.
A secret history The only thing really holding it back at the moment is that it has to be plugged in to a power source -- it takes a lot of juice, and batteries are still too heavy. Don't worry, work on a cordless model the XOS3 is already underway.
The Aurora Project Cornelius Rhoads, under the auspices of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Investigations, infects human subjects with cancer cells.
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Government Secret Projects. That the United States government conducts "Black Projects" is no secret. Black projects are projects that are considered top secret. They are so top secret that the government will not even acknowledge that they exist. SECRET GOVERNMENT PROJECTS: CIA, NSA, DARPA, NASA secrets!

UFOs – Ours and theirs! Your Worst Fears About what the Government is doing: Alien Cooperation, Mind Control and so much more! Discover what the government is secretly doing to us. Are you going to let the government scare you away from this information?

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Timeline of Secret Government Projects