Export import marketing in bangladesh

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Export import marketing in bangladesh

As at December, people were employed in the import and export sector, which hadestablishments. Inthe sector accounted for Hong Kong handles a good portion of the Chinese mainland's external trade. Industry Data Range of Services Hong Kong's import and export trading firms are active in sourcing various types of goods, including raw materials, machinery and parts, and a wide range of consumer goods.

There are three main types of sourcing activities: The import business of Hong Kong trading firms is mainly generated by the distributing capabilities under the identity of agents or dealers.


These trading firms usually specialise in one area of products and represent one or more foreign brands. Their trading map usually encompasses Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland or certain parts of it or other Asian countries. Due to the development of trade supporting services on the Chinese mainland, trading firms increasingly source goods offshore for sales in international markets.

Some of these goods are either transhipped via Hong Kong or shipped directly without touching Hong Kong ground.

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Such offshore trade is not reflected in Hong Kong's trade statistics. Service Providers Hong Kong's import and export trading firms are typically small, employing less than 10 persons on average. There wereimport and export trading firms in Hong Kong as of Decemberwith the majority of them being SMEs.

There are three broad categories of import and export trading firms: Left hand-right hand traders: These firms are characterised by the conduct of a straight-forward sourcing operation, usually identifying goods produced on the mainland or Hong Kong and shipping them to overseas markets.

These firms rely on their specialist knowledge of the sources of products in the region and the low costs of their supplies as their main competitive advantages. Traders with some value-added services: They often use letters of credit from their customers as a guarantee for raising finance for their purchase orders.

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Other firms develop a sub-contractor relationship with a number of factories in which they exert significant control over the management of production, including quality control.

Traders with sophisticated value-added services: For example, some firms have become designer and manufacturer of components for their supplier factories to produce finished goods, which the firms subsequently export.

These firms add value mostly from their design team and their competitive edge comes from their ability to design products which sell well in the target markets.

In response to trade disintermediation, Hong Kong traders adaptively provide more value-added services in addition to finding more competitive sources of supplies.

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For example, Hong Kong traders help their overseas clients inspect the goods produced by the manufacturers to ensure they meet the procurement standard, and monitor production schedules to meet delivery.

Hong Kong traders can also help overseas buyers coordinate production when the buyers have a sudden surge in orders and quick turnaround is needed. Inthe rate of gross margin [1] of merchanting improved to 6. In the same year, the commission rate of merchandising [2] for offshore transactions stood at 7.

Export import marketing in bangladesh

The operations of small and big trading firms are quite different. Smaller firms are usually strong in introducing foreign products to the mainland market.Main Business.

CMC's main business includes international project contracting and la. Position:List Of Companies ›› List of Import Export Companies ›› List of Import Export Companies in Bangladesh.

We are one of the leading importers Agro based products and marketing company active in all over Bangladesh with handsfull trained staffs appointed dealers. We also involve export various garments jute agriculture. Bangladesh is the 50th largest export economy in the world.

In , Bangladesh exported $B and imported $B, resulting in a negative trade balance of $B. In the GDP of Bangladesh was $B and its GDP per capita was $k. Bangladesh garment industry has generated $bn exports in the calendar year which is % higher than the previous calendar year.

The export in the last fiscal year was $bn with a % growth from the previous fiscal year, according to Export Promotion Bureau data. There are many documents involved in international trade, such as commercial documents, financial documents, transport documents, insurance documents and other international trade related documents.

It is therefore important to understand the role of each . As at December , , people were employed in the import and export sector, which had , establishments.

In , the sector accounted for % of Hong Kong’s GDP.

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