Essay on compassion by barbara lazear ascher

The compassion can be learned from the experiences, she has shared the stories to explain the compassion, she effectively teaches about the compassion. The story she shared about the man is that he was walking and when the homeless man offered the money and who was staring at the baby, he smiled. The smile was described by the Ascher because men smile can make the women uncomfortable; it can create the tension, the man is referred as a crazy or mad person and it is stated that it is the result of compassion.

Essay on compassion by barbara lazear ascher


Phoebe believes that if someone does a good deed where they get nothing in return, then they have performed a selfless act. Using a variety of writing techniques, she makes her readers wonder if people do good deeds simply to do good, or because they get something out of it.

On Compassion | Sarah's Writing Portfolio Finding a good heart in this world is like finding a gem on a New York City sidewalk.
Rhetorical Analysis Essay – Prompt #1 “On Compassion” (Best) | A Year In Writing Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Trying to sway the reader, Barbara Ascher starts her essay On Compassion with a story-like tone.
Ascher Barbara Lazear On Compassion | Essay Example Carin van Zyl has heard terminally ill patients beg to die.
Who can edit: As a New Yorker who has witnessed acts of compassion on various occasions, she can easily portray the scenes for her audience.
AP Lang Work She had approached us while we were on our way to our car after attending the Maroon 5 concert downtown Grand Rapids. She came with a long speech on why she was in dire need of forty- eight dollars that night and how a nice man gave her twenty dollars not so long ago.

One of the techniques she uses is anecdotes. She tells two stories of homeless men, one of them being about a homeless man receiving money from a mother pushing a stroller near him, and the other about a bakery owner who gives a homeless man food when he comes in.

She does a beautiful job of painting a picture so the readers can really put themselves in the situation and truly think about why the people do what they do. And the fact that she is so detailed, describing the bread and coffee, or describing how the mother reacts to the homeless man, only makes the readers think more.

Her details of the mother gripping the stroller tightly after the homeless man sets eyes on her baby really give the reader an idea of what she may be thinking. The telling of the stories also gives the readers something to relate to, rather than just her talking about why people do good deeds.

People are given an example to relate their thoughts to, and they can also use those examples to connect to their own experiences.

Ascher also has a way of asking her audience questions. But it could also be because she wants him out of her shop. Or does she simply want to rid her shop of his troublesome presence?

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The use of questioning her audience also mimics the way people think. Another thing that Ascher does is her way of writing. In other words, her tone. She strays away from a comedic tone, and focuses on a more serious and curious one.

Since she avoids humor, it allows her to be taken more seriously. And her way of presenting her curiosity of why people do good things is absorbed by her audience as a genuine question they take into consideration and begin to really care about.

So, along with her questioning yet serious tone, her readers truly engage her ideas, and come to think the same way she does; that people, whether it seems like it or not, appear to have something in it for themselves.

Essay on compassion by barbara lazear ascher

Barbara Lazear Ascher used a few tricks to get her readers to take her seriously and to make them think, but the most perplexing part of her writing is how she feels. While she never outright states why she thinks people do good, one can infer that she takes the side of Mr.

Whether it be a protective mother trying to keep a scary looking homeless man at bay, or the runner of a bakery trying to keep the peace with the neighborhood hobo, it appears as if she is questioning why people would just do something nice, like it was inhuman.

Essay on compassion by barbara lazear ascher

Because, just like Joey, she believes that all acts are done out of some gain for the doer, never just for the sake of doing something nice.DYING, SURVIVING, OR AGING WITH GRACE Not necessarily in that order Resources on illness, death and dying, loss, grief, and positive aging.

Essay On Compassion by Barbara Lazear Ascher. On Compassion by Barbara Lazear Ascher has explained to the reader, the reason behind the one’s kindness, pity or compassion. The compassion can be learned from the experiences, she has shared the stories to explain the compassion, she effectively teaches about the compassion.

Oct 04,  · After reading the essay "On Compassion" by Barbara Lazear Ascher choose one question from the following and your response.

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There are 9 questions - once a question has been answered by another student you may not answer that same question so choose another one (It is first come first serve). BARBARA LAZEAR ASCHER On Compassion Barbara Lazear Ascher, born in , worked as a lawyer for two years before she became a full-time writer.

Her essays, which have appeared in newspapers and magazines, have been collected in Playing after Dark () and The Habit of .

Ascher Barbara Lazear On Compassion Essay Sample. The man’s grin is less the result of circumstance than dreams or madness.

Barbara Lazear Ascher Rhetorical Analysis Essay Sample

His buttonless shirt, with one sleeve missing, hangs outside the waist of his baggy trousers. Barbara Lazear Ascher writes this essay in such a descriptive way, the reader cannot help but feel compassionate towards the characters that are being helped.

The first homeless man she speaks of is described in this artful way; “His buttonless shirt, with one sleeve missing, hangs outside the waist of .

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