Essay about bantu education

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Essay about bantu education

An investigation into the changes brought to black education by the implementation of the Bantu Education Act. One such pillar was, of course, education.

Having strong feelings about the value of education, I found the Bantu Education Act to be particularly interesting and a promising topic for research. With this interest, I started to question the manner in which Bantu education shaped black society and how the society reacted to it.

Essay about bantu education

This resulted in my Extended Essay focusing on the changes in education from Essay about bantu education and government education, prior toto Bantu Education, a direct consequence of the Bantu Education Act. With the afore mentioned, I felt inclined towards the research question: Therefore research into the prior education system was needed.

The essay examines the provision of education prior to Bantu Education; the implications that the policy had on schooling, administration, teachers and students, and the views held against it After analysing and evaluating the various aspects of the law, its consequences and its impact on the system of black education, the conclusion reached is that the system of black education greatly changed due to the expertly tactics that the National Party integrated into the Act which allowed for the prolonged success of both Bantu Education and apartheid.

View of the Churches and the subsequent closing of the mission schools Impact of Bantu Education on Teachers The curriculum of Bantu Education and use of language of instruction. Apartheid1 began when the National Party was voted in power in In order to ensure the success of the policy, the government set out a series of laws that allowed them to embed it; one such law that came to be was the Bantu Education Act no.

This was an educational policy that brought all schools under the administration of government, with all aspects of education being fixed by it. January 1st marked its commencement.

The reasons for the creation of the act were mainly economic and political. This was a consequence of the Second World War due to the expansion in secondary industry and the collapse of the agricultural sector.

With regard to the politics, black education was not given the same value and dignity as white education. Being in line with the ideology of the National Party, Bantu Education arose from the recommendations of the Eiselen Commission.

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Its general aims were: Aspects which played important roles in the quality of education provided to black students were finance and teachers.

University of Natal Press,51 3 fulfilment of their political aim. In order to ensure the success of Bantu education, the teachers employed had to conform to the regulations of the party and not pose a threat, like the teachers of the prior education system. Being a South African with a passion in education, I believe it is essential to know what transpired during this era in order to understand both the previous and current education systems of South Africa.

After all, education shapes a society. In a country which has come out of such a traumatic phase, it is crucial to comprehend the type of education and its consequences on society.

This has led to my research question: This essay will focus on the years leading up to as from the year of implementation until the changes are more visible and more easily seen. Under the development of the then Director of Education, Dr.

Viljoen, the system of education in government was shaped to be more suited to the natives and their everyday needs4. Pall Mall,60 4 JJ Booyse et al. They were the most accessible and most popular form of education for black students prior to Bantu Education, numbering by with an enrolment of black students in comparison to 68 government schools with black students enrolled6 during this period.

While government schools looked to satisfy what they felt the needs of black students were, mission schools instead looked to develop students with a good work ethic that they could use for their own needs in order to keep the schools going.

Even though these institutions were in place they could hardly cater for the increasing demand for education which resulted due to urbanisation, with people seeking better opportunities economically, socially, and educationally. With many students being turned away, this led to many of these students resorting to crime which, of course increased the rate of it.

They reached a very small percentage of black students and prospective students. Added to that both mission and government schools met with resistance from students.

With the above occurring, when the National Party came to power, something had to be done. It was up to them to prevent it from getting out of hand.Essay writing business upsc a essay about mercy lawd? a public library essay wayne, phd dissertation plan search how to essay example vancouver style movie essay title horror (essay explain questions ielts) word count on an essay bibliography book review article 5 menara.

The Act was to provide for the transfer of the adminiustration and control of native education from the several provincial administrations to the Government of the Union of South Africa, and for ma Bantu Education Act, Act No 47 of .

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Bantu Education Act, South African law, enacted in and in effect from January 1, , that governed the education of black South African (called Bantu by the country’s government) children. It was part of the government’s system of apartheid, which sanctioned racial segregation and discrimination against nonwhites in the country.

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