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Work With Us about-us The Partition of India was one of the most defining events in the history of the subcontinent.

Ela bhatt

The Self Employed Women's Assoication. SEWA was born in as a trade union of self employed women. The inspiration for the union came from Mahatma Gandhi, who led a successful strike of Ela bhatt workers Ela bhatt He believed in creating positive organised strength by awakening the consciousness in workers.

By developing unity as well as personality, a worker should be able to hold his or her own against tyranny from employers or the state. To develop this strength he believed that a union should cover all aspects of worker's lives both in the factory and at home. Against this background of active involvement in industrial relations, social work and local, state and national politics, the ideological base provided by Mahatma Gandhi and the feminist seeds planted by Anasuya Sarabhai led to the creation by the TLA of their Women's Wing in Its original purpose was to assist women belonging to households of mill wokers and its work was focussed largly on traning and welfare activities.

Byclasses in sewing, kniting embroidery, spinning, press composition typing and stenography were established in centres throughout the city for the wives and daughters of mill workers. The scope of its activities expanded in the early 's when a survery was conducted to probe complaints by women tailors.

The survey broght out other instances of exploitatation of women workers and revealed the large numbers untouched by unionisation government legisation and policies.

Ina small group of migrant women working as cart-pullers in Ahmedabad's cloth market came to the TLA with their labour contractor.

Ela bhatt

He had heard of a transport workers' union organised by the TLA and thought they might be able to help the women find some housing. At the time, the women were living in the streets without shelter.

Ela bhatt

After talking with the women in her office, she went with them to the areas where they were living and to the market area where they were working. While there, she met another group of women who were working as head-loaders, carrying loads of clothes between the wholesale and retail markets. As she sat with them on the steps of the warehouses where they waited for work, they discussed their jobs and their low and erratic wages.

Following the meeting, Ela Bhatt wrote an article for the local newspaper and detailed the problems of the head-loaders.

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The cloth merchants countered the charges against them with a news article of their own, denying the allegations and testifying to their fair treatment of the head-loaders. The Women's Wing turned the release of this story to their own advantage by reprinting the merchant's claims on the cards and distributing them to use as leverage with the merchants.

Soon word of this effective ploy spread and a group of used garment dealers approached the Women's Wing with their own grievances. A public meeting of used garment dealers was called and over hundred women attended.

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Bölüm Özeti. Dizinin bu bölümünde İşça ve Tapasya’nın arkadaş olmalarına en çok engel olmak isteyen Nina’nın davranışlarını izleyeceğiz. Self Employed Women’s Association: SEWA is a trade union registered in It is an organisation of poor, self-employed women workers.

These are women who earn a living through their own labour or small businesses.

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