Definitive arguments

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Definitive arguments

Named arguments enable you to specify an argument for a particular parameter by associating the argument with the parameter's name rather than with the parameter's position in the parameter list.

Optional arguments enable you to omit arguments for some parameters. Both techniques can be used with methods, indexers, constructors, and delegates.

When you use named and optional arguments, the arguments are evaluated in the order in which they appear in the argument list, not the parameter list.

Named and optional parameters, when used together, enable you to supply arguments for only a few parameters from a list of optional parameters. Named Arguments Named arguments free you from the need to remember or to look up the order of parameters in the parameter lists of called methods.

The parameter for each argument can be specified by parameter name. PrintOrderDetails "Gift Shop", 31, "Red Mug" ; If you do not remember the order of the parameters but know their names, you can send the arguments in any order.

In the example method below, the sellerName cannot be null or white space.


As both sellerName and productName are string types, instead of sending arguments by position, it makes sense to use named arguments to disambiguate the two and reduce confusion for anyone reading the code. Named arguments, when used with positional arguments, are valid as long as they're not followed by any positional arguments, or Definitive arguments "Gift Shop", 31, productName: In the example below, the parameter orderNum is in the correct position but isn't explicitly named.

Named argument specifications must appear after all fixed arguments have been specified. Any call must provide arguments for all required parameters, but can omit arguments for optional parameters. Each optional parameter has a default value as part of its definition.

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If no argument is sent for that parameter, the default value is used. A default value must be one of the following types of expressions: Optional parameters are defined at the end of the parameter list, after any required parameters. If the caller provides an argument for any one of a succession of optional parameters, it must provide arguments for all preceding optional parameters.

Comma-separated gaps in the argument list are not supported.

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For example, in the following code, instance method ExampleMethod is defined with one required and two optional parameters. ExampleMethod 3, ,4 ; However, if you know the name of the third parameter, you can use a named argument to accomplish the task.

Optional parameters in ExampleMethod Note You can also declare optional parameters by using the. OptionalAttribute parameters do not require a default value. Example In the following example, the constructor for ExampleClass has one parameter, which is optional.

Argument | Definition of Argument by Merriam-Webster

Instance method ExampleMethod has one required parameter, required, and two optional parameters, optionalstr and optionalint. The code in Main shows the different ways in which the constructor and method can be invoked. ExampleMethod 1, "One", 1 ; anExample.

ExampleMethod 2, "Two" ; anExample. ExampleMethod 1, "One", 1 ; anotherExample. ExampleMethod 2, "Two" ; anotherExample. Therefore, it is not optional. For example, the AutoFormat method in the Microsoft Office Excel Range interface has seven parameters, all of which are optional.

These parameters are shown in the following illustration. AutoFormat parameters In C 3. Missing ; However, you can greatly simplify the call to AutoFormat by using named and optional arguments, introduced in C 4. Named and optional arguments enable you to omit the argument for an optional parameter if you do not want to change the parameter's default value.

In the following call, a value is specified for only one of the seven parameters. A method, indexer, or constructor is a candidate for execution if each of its parameters either is optional or corresponds, by name or by position, to a single argument in the calling statement, and that argument can be converted to the type of the parameter.

If more than one candidate is found, overload resolution rules for preferred conversions are applied to the arguments that are explicitly specified. Omitted arguments for optional parameters are ignored.

If two candidates are judged to be equally good, preference goes to a candidate that does not have optional parameters for which arguments were omitted in the call. This is a consequence of a general preference in overload resolution for candidates that have fewer parameters. The language specification is the definitive source for C syntax and usage.The Definition Argument.

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Definitive arguments

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Definitive arguments
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