Danville airlines case study

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Danville airlines case study

August 9th, For: Ethics and Issues with Genetic Testing by Employers Within the last few decades, the strengths and weaknesses of genetic testing have begun to become apparent within the biological world.

Genetic testing can save lives and determine paternity. It can also lead to concerns over health and premature depression over impending issues. How far is a Human Resources director allowed to go in order to protect the company?

The Issues and Benefits of Genetic Testing With the development of the Human Genome Project, genetic testing became both a blessing and a curse for people with Danville airlines case study histories of disease.

According to Curley and Caperna, the goals of the project include creating a blueprint of the human D.

Danville Airlines Case Solution and Analysis, HBS Case Study Solution & Harvard Case Analysis

The diligence put into this project was meant to help better understand the species that is human, but, like all good intentions, they are sometimes turned to serve the needs of others.

In the case of David Reiger at Danville Airlines, the results of the Human Genome Project worked against him and gave his employer possible grounds to dismiss him.

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Free 3D Models of Great Buildings - Great Buildings - Architecture Online Reiger was angry because test was carried out on him without his consent which he was positive, he threatened legal action if the company tries to get rid of him and requested that he be allowed to keep flying and to be reassigned to a position in the company that did not involve flying if he developed Huntington Mead Jenny Huntington Disease HDdiscovered by George Huntington in is diseases that cause the brain nerve cells to steadily deteriorate, leaving the victims to be both physically and mentally incapacitated.

In either case, alerting someone of their exact health decisions without their consent takes away the element of choice as to their own life. Now, Reiger has to live with the knowledge that one day he will have to go through the same pain and dementia his father did and then enters into a whole new level of psychological pressure.

However, from the ethical standpoint, my answer would be a resounding no.

Danville airlines case study

Testing an employee for medical issues without prior consent is a violation of their personal privacy and rights.

It takes away their decisions as to their own healthcare and relieves them of their right to choose. On the other hand, assuming these actions were illegal, the ethics as stated previously would still be in play, but the counsel would not be able to defend the actions of Taylor or Danville Airlines.

This would give Reiger right to sue, keep his job, and to protect himself from any further litigation on the issue. This would also lead into his protection under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of HIPAAwhich protects his medical information through his personal consent.

Assuming that the law is neither for or against the issue, but fighting it would be costly, the ethics would still stand and fighting the case would prove cumbersome for Danville Airlines, as Reiger still has the ADA and HIPAA on his side.

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Noting that Reiger now knows and has the forethought to look for symptoms, Taylor should not move to change his employment status based on these results. Instead, she should find a way to help Reiger during his employment and to develop a system of training and wellness that would benefit Reiger, his coworkers, and the company as a whole.

Privacy Issues and the Human Genome Project. Defense Counsel Journal, 70 1Early life.


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Danville Airline Case Analysis - Assignment Example On In Assignment Sample This case is between David Reiger, a pilot at Danville Airline and the Management of Airline.

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Danville airlines case study

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