Anti vaccinations essay

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Anti vaccinations essay

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First dose at 12 months, second dose at least 6 months thereafter Challenges and Concessions While school vaccination requirements have been credited with bringing about the control and elimination of many devastating childhood diseases, critics have continued to voice concerns and raise legal and political challenges to the entire process of mandatory vaccination.

Personal Liberty Concerns One key argument against mandatory school vaccination has always focused on government intrusion into what is considered a personal medical choice. From a legal standpoint, Jacobson still seems to have settled the issue that at least under some circumstances, the government may force an individual to receive a vaccination.

Although public health officials have the legal authority to mandate vaccination for the public health under Jacobson, they should be very mindful of the personal liberty concerns just stated.

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Those with such views often cling to them vigorously. For this reason, it is important for public health officials to support their mandatory vaccination programs with justifiable arguments rather than simply citing legal precedent or historical tradition in support of their exercise of power.

Fortunately for public health officials, the benefits provided by vaccination programs can be utilized to justify the existence of such programs. Safety Accountability Concerns Anti vaccinations essay variation on the consumer choice challenge to mandatory school vaccination requirements tends to accuse the public health community of Anti vaccinations essay with or at least willfully acquiescing to powerful vaccine manufacturers at the expense of citizens.

Given the historical success of vaccination in eradicating smallpox and in reducing or eliminating the risk of other childhood diseases, any critique of mandatory vaccination programs that focuses on the use of vaccines generally is likely to be dismissed by those in the field of public health.

By focusing on the economic drawbacks inherent in a mandatory vaccination program and how those drawbacks can negatively affect the quality of vaccines, this argument may gain more traction. Indeed, all sides of this debate claim to desire both safer and more effective vaccines.

Because vaccination programs depend on a sufficient percentage of the community being vaccinated, complete consumer choice carries with it problems that might be absent in a standard market.

As for vaccine quality, FDA regulation is in place to ensure a sufficient level of safety and efficacy to accomplish the goals of vaccination. If not, the answer should be to raise FDA standards, rather than to jettison the entire mandatory vaccination process and with it the likelihood of maintaining a sufficient level of immunity among the population.

This response might be unacceptable to those concerned. If the connection between public health officials entrusted with implementing the mandatory vaccination schedule and FDA regulators entrusted with ensuring the safety and efficacy of vaccines is seen as too close, proposing higher FDA standards as a solution may not allay concerns.

The independence and integrity of FDA is therefore critical in this arena, just as it is in other areas of public health.

Anti vaccinations essay

Concern of Unknown Risks In what may be a combination of the two challenges previously discussed, many individuals challenge vaccine programs because of a lack of information about vaccines. As with the other objections to mandatory vaccination, however, this objection suffers from a critical flaw.

Mandatory school vaccination requirements are not justified solely on the benefit they provide to the recipient. Instead, it is the benefit they provide to the community as a whole by ensuring a sufficient level of vaccination to prevent outbreak that justifies their intrusive nature on individual medical decision-making.

A better critique of these programs would focus on whether mandatory vaccination causes more overall harm than a voluntary system; that is, is it better when viewed at the general, rather than the individual, level? Ironically, the very success of vaccination programs in reducing the incidence of once-prominent diseases has led some to ignore the overall and continuing benefit of community vaccination herd immunity.

Other Concerns Other challenges to vaccination laws have cited strongly held religious or philosophical positions against vaccination in general. Such challenges require a different type of response from public health officials; often the options are limited to overriding such objections and excluding children of parents adhering to such positions from public schools which is constitutionally permissible under Jacobson and its progeny or creating exemptions to vaccination requirements which is detrimental to the overall goals of mandatory vaccination if a sufficient number of exemptors exist.

Reactions to such religious and philosophical concerns vary from state to state, with a general trend toward greater accommodation of objectors. Exemptions In response to these and other challenges to mandatory vaccination laws, states have enacted various exemptions to vaccination requirements for school entry.

Anti vaccinations essay

Actual enforcement varies by state.Anti-vaccination movement arose soon after Edward Jenner developed the first vaccine against smallpox.

The main arguments of opponents of vaccination at that time were religious. With the development of the mass vaccination and there was the growth of the anti-vaccination movement. This essay will provide scientific information in support of immunization and include what a vaccination is, benefits of vaccinations, risks of not vaccinating, vaccine side effects and common misconceptions regarding vaccinations.

Below is an essay on "Vaccinations" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Today, children in the United States routinely get vaccines that help protect them from more than a dozen diseases/5(1). Anti vaccinations essays. Raphael painting essay gladiator vs braveheart essay help essay our environment our concern is that 44 juvenile thieves evaluation essay belsham s essays on friendship mischo kelling dissertation abstract can laws alone fight corruption essay animal experimentation is good essay.

Thus, vaccination does not only protect individual health and helps to develop immunity, but also protects the whole community against potential outbreaks.

However, some activists of anti-vaccine movement decide not to vaccinate their children, and some of them . Anti vaccinations essay. 4 stars based on reviews Essay. Research paper about energy conservation first sentence of a reflective essay is an essay bharat desh essay in marathi graphene and silicon comparison essay jagadish chandra bose essay about myself thesenblatt dissertation help thesis statement on gun control.

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