An analysis of the root causes and solutions to the problem of police brutality in america

We are a people who are desperately afraid of everything.

An analysis of the root causes and solutions to the problem of police brutality in america

On a daily basis, we hear about how if the BlackLivesMatter movement really cared about black lives then they would say something about the black on black crime in poverty-stricken neighborhoods across the United States.

African-Americans make up only 13 percent of the population, yet they are the victims in 26 percent of all police shootings. That is nearly 3 times the rate of whites.

The outrage by the Black Lives Matter movement is founded in statistical evidence which shows that the system inherently and with extreme bias disproportionately targets blacks.

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However, these two things, police killing black men and black men killing black men, are not mutually exclusive. They are closely tied together, and the reason they are tied together is something that the BlackLivesMatter movement and its opponents continue to ignore.

Black lives lost to black lives are simply tallied up as numerical entries in crime statistics databases and nothing more is said.

Democrats blame guns for the violence while Republicans blame gun control. Meanwhile, both sides are missing the giant pink elephant in the living room.

According to the website, BlackLivesMatter. We demand an end to all forms of discrimination and the full recognition of our human rights. We demand an immediate end to police brutality and the murder of Black people and all oppressed people.

We demand full, living wage employment for our people. We demand decent housing fit for the shelter of human beings and an end to gentrification.

We demand freedom from mass incarceration and an end to the prison industrial complex.

An analysis of the root causes and solutions to the problem of police brutality in america

We demand a racial justice agenda from the White House that is inclusive of our shared fate as Black men, women, trans and gender-nonconforming people.

We demand access to affordable healthy food for our neighborhoods. We demand an aggressive attack against all laws, policies, and entities that disenfranchise any community from expressing themselves at the ballot.

We demand a public education system that teaches the rich history of Black people and celebrates the contributions we have made to this country and the world. We demand the release of all U.

We demand an end to the military industrial complex that incentivizes private corporations to profit off of the death and destruction of Black and Brown communities across the globe.

Nowhere in that list of demands do they mention anything about the war on drugs. America has the largest prison population in the world. Most of the people who are thrown in prison are non-violent. They suffer the consequence of the death penalty disproportionately. And most of these are victimless crimes.

Sometimes people can use drugs and get arrested three times and never committed a violent act and they can go to prison for life. I would say the judicial system is probably one of the worst places where prejudice and discrimination still exists in this country.One of the people at the front line trying to tackle police brutality is Shaun King a writer and civil rights activist.

He is noted for his use of social media to promote charitable and social causes . Here are 15 excerpts from the DOJ’s Cleveland report showing how deeply embedded police brutality is, and why recent political rhetoric promising solutions barely scratches the .

Police Brutality is the use of excessive or unnecessary force by police officers when their with people.”Excessive use of force “ means a force much to strong what would be necessary in order to handle are many ways police brutality is most obvious way of police brutality is the physical officers can.

PREFACE. In the early hours of March 3, , a police chase in Los Angeles ended in an incident that would become synonymous with police brutality: the beating of a young man named Rodney King by members of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Although police departments across the world have attempted to curb the hostility between police officers and the community, through thorough screening of recruits, minority recruitments and so on, police brutality remains, and causes 4/4(2).

Examples of police misconduct include police brutality, dishonesty, fraud, coercion, torture to force confessions, abuse of authority, and sexual assault, including the demand for sexual favors in exchange for leniency.

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