An analysis of farmworkers problems during the great depression and today

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An analysis of farmworkers problems during the great depression and today

Cosatu is more determined than ever to go ahead with its hour strike on June 2 and has warned business that any attempts to block the action will escalate conflict. While the judgment did not prohibit the action, it removed protection under the LRA for workers participating in the strike.

Delegates resolved that the strike would go ahead, even if employers take the matter to court once again. Instead of addressing the core issues, such a step would escalate conflict and have a negative impact on industrial relations.

He was speaking after last minute negotiations in Nedlac between government, business and labour reached final deadlock. After five hours of negotiations, the parties agreed that an impasse had been reached and that any further progress would require a revision of their mandates.

This opened the way for Cosatu to give Nedlac a second notice of their intention to embark on a protected socio-economic strike on June 2, in compliance with the stipulated days notice period. Many see the judgement as potentially undermining mass action as a way of putting pressure on negotiating parties or to mobilise members alongside the negotiations process.

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The implication is that a deadlock first has to be reached, a dispute declared and at least days notice given before a protected strike can take place. Cosatu has launched a petition campaign among union members and is taking the issue to the Constitutional Court.

The petition notes that the judgement has implications for the right to peaceful protest and the constitutional right to strike, assemble and to picket. It rejects the Labour Appeal Court ruling as inconsistent with the exercise of democratic rights; being overly technical and formalistic, thereby allowing employers to use delaying tactics in Nedlac; and as seriously undermining the right to apply pressure by way of socio-economic protest action.

Cosatu said Nicholson criticised Business South Africa BSA for its delay in bringing the action, for its conduct in Nedlac, for introducing red herrings, for claiming it had no mandate, and for evading the issues raised by labour.

Nicholson also found it "strange" that BSA claimed to have no mandate in meetings held in Aprilon matters which had been the subject of negotiations for more than a year. Cosatu had attended more than 11 formal meetings at Nedlac and a large number of bilaterals with both business and government.

A Photo Essay on the Great Depression

Apart from a number of detailed issues raised by Cosatu, we also raised the fact that there were fundamental differences which remained unresolved after many months of negotiation on the following core issues: Women who go on maternity leave should enjoy job security.

In the event that the UIF is used as a mechanism for payment, women who lose their jobs soon after returning from maternity leave should not lose on the UIF benefits.

Cosatu has maintained throughout the negotiations that while there are some improvements in working hours in so far as there is a reduction phased in in certain sectors in working hours for security workers, farm workers, domestic and mining workers, the bill makes no provision for a phased approach to a legislated hour working week.

An analysis of farmworkers problems during the great depression and today

Cosatu proposed that the status quo of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act in respect of pay for work performed on a Sunday, be extended to all workers.

Workers who elect to take a day in lieu of Sunday work should be paid at time and a half. The Cosatu position is that the threshold for prohibition on child labour should be 18 years. Cosatu is opposed to the variation model in the bill in so far as it seeks to allow for downward variation of certain rights, the wide discretionary powers given to the minister to vary rights downwards and the provision for individual agreements to change the provisions of the statute.

Apr 28,  · The photographer captured some of the most enduring images of the Great Depression. Linda Gordon, author of Dorothea Lange: A Life Beyond Limits, says Lange had the power to draw people out, but. During the Great Depression, unemployment was high. Many employers tried to get as much work as possible from their employees for the lowest possible wage. Workers were upset with the speedup of assembly lines, working conditions and the lack of job security. A farmworker is a hired agricultural worker on a farm that works for the vetconnexx.comr, in discussions relating to labor law application, the term "farmworker" is sometimes used more narrowly, applying only to a hired worker involved in agricultural production, including harvesting, i.e. not to a worker in other on-farm jobs, such as packing.

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An analysis of farmworkers problems during the great depression and today

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