A web essay on the male gaze

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A web essay on the male gaze

The development of feminist ideologies paralleled the emergence of film as the most prevalent entertainment media, earning the creative contingent of film the enmity of several feminist thinkers.

The aforementioned feminist scholars wrote about the degrading phenomena of the male gaze, a theory involving the presentation of female sexuality as an object to be revered by a male-dominated society.

A web essay on the male gaze

More specifically, the male gaze was described as a means for men to denigrate the female identity. Women as sexual objects The theory of the male gaze is based on the idea of a deprecating portrayal of women in culture.

Supposedly female-centric and female-based images across a medium such as film are designed with male interests in mind. Women in film are stripped of their dignity, compromising their sexuality in order to sate men. Women are often portrayed without male counterparts, therein displaying themselves for a non-existent male.

It is rare for men to exude as much sexuality as women in film today, primarily because a majority of men do not seek to possess or dominate other men. Desirable themes are women, especially women who exude the most sexual energy. Men, observing these images, thus objectify women as sexual possessions and nothing more.

The woman ceases to exist in any other form outside that of the sexual realm. She exists solely for the man, a mechanism to serve his ego, his libido, and his sense of possession. In his book Cracks in the Pedestal: Scholars such as Mulvey hypothesize that the increasing amounts of sexuality in film coincide with the rise of feminism and the social realization that women are equal to men.

In order to counter the steadily strengthening presence of women in traditionally male roles and characteristics, sexual objectification served as a means to alleviate male worries of a female assumption of superiority.

Explainer: what does the 'male gaze' mean, and what about a female gaze?

Powerful women were no longer as sexually desired as film and feminism evolved. Women who overcame their sexual niches were returned as society and film became more sated with sexual imagery.

While it is true that men became more sexual in film in recent decades, male gaze still dominates the media. After all, male sexual objects served as counterparts to elicit heightened sexuality in the female subject, thus propagating the male gaze.

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Feminists endorsing the male gaze theory argue that men are more sexual because of their need to assert power over women. Women, on the other hand, are said not to have as pronounced a sexual appetite. The composition of the male gaze The male gaze initially had three aspects: The gaze of the camera is the object representing male dominance over women in the world, since the camera decides what to portray.

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Women in film were limited either to the traditional domestic role of wives and mothers or they were reduced to objects eliciting sexual desire as outlined above.

The gaze of the male protagonist, though sexually objectifying both male and female parties, serves to entice the male audience and only the male audience for the reasons previously mentioned. Finally, the gaze of the male viewers in the audience completes the triumvirate ideology in its image-ownership.

Women come full circle through male gaze, evolving from humans to sexual objects through the course of the theory. This phenomenon of male image-ownership of female identity thus serves to sate both lust and the need for men to remain the dominant gender.

The disfigured female identity and separating entertainment from social agend Anne Smelik writes about Mary Ann Doane study of the male gaze as adversely affecting the female identity.

In her And the Mirror Cracked: According to Doane, the male gaze has adverse effects other than those of male dominance. Female spectators watching the distorted female sexual identity conform themselves to the new culturally accepted norm.

Where women were previously domesticated and left to a life of suburban servitude, the emergence of film and the male gaze warped their psyches into those struggling to keep up with the heightened sexual appetite imposed on women in society. Unlike her contemporaries, however, Kaplan diverges, questioning which aspects of film to take literally and which are meant for entertainment.Laura Mulvey, within her essay Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema, coins the term “male gaze,” where the intermediary, the camera, is metaphorically transformed to the eyes of a male, changing how we view cinema, as well as both men and women immortalized on the silver screen.

Dziga Vertov, a Soviet director, wrote and directed . The concept of the male gaze was first developed by the feminist film critic Laura Mulvey in the essay "Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema" (), in which she proposes that an asymmetry of power between the genders is a controlling force in cinema; and that the male gaze is constructed for the pleasure of the male viewer, which is deeply rooted in .

On 23 May , Elliot Rodger, a year-old college dropout, became the world’s most famous ‘incel’ – involuntary celibate.

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The term can, in theory, be applied to both men and women, but in practice it picks out not sexless men in general, but a certain kind of sexless man: the kind who is convinced he is owed sex, and is enraged by the women who deprive him of it.

Cynthia Morris Sherman (born January 19, ) is an American photographer and film director, best known for her conceptual portraits.. She is best known for "Complete Untitled Film Stills," a series of 69 black-and-white photographs which were meant to subvert the stereotypes of women in media (namely arthouse films and popular b-movies).

A web essay on the male gaze

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